HSABC launches ad campaign to promote health professionals

Health Science professionals: connecting us all to better health care. 

Vancouver (05 Nov. 2015) — The Health Sciences Association of B.C. (HSABC/NUPGE) has launched a series of radio ads designed to promote the work of the union's diverse professions.

Ads reveal how health care professionals connect to every day health care

The series of five ads, broadcasting on radio stations across the province for the next six weeks, demonstrates how many of the professions connect to each other, and how these professionals connect the public to modern health care.

You can listen to the ads here

HSA radio ad 1
HSA radio ad 2
HSA radio ad 3
HSA radio ad 4
HSA radio ad 5

HSABC/NUPGE is the union representing more than 17,000 professionals working in health care and community social services in B.C. Each is a skilled practitioner of the smartest, most innovative tools and techniques. You can find out more about the hundreds of professions represented by the union on its website.


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