HSABC launches video contest

The public needs to know more about who health professionals are, and the important work they do.

Vancouver (12 Oct. 2016) — The members of Health Sciences Association of B.C. (HSABC/NUPGE) represent many professions and those professions play an incredibly important role in modern health care and community social services. But it's not an easy story to tell.

Health professionals, share your story

On TV, doctors and nurses are everywhere, often depicted doing the specialized work of pharmacists, lab technologists, radiation technologists, social workers, counselors and other key professionals in health care and community social services. The public needs to know more about who health professionals we are, and about the work they do. That is why HSABC/NUPGE regularly advertises on TV, radio and on line. But it's hard to fit all these professions into a 30-second spot.

So HSABC/NUPGE needs your help. Who better to tell their story than members themselves? That's why the union is launching a member video contest

Prizes to be awarded for first, second, and third place 

What's the most important thing the public needs to know about HSABC/NUPGE? Is it the unique skills of those professions? The way diverse professions hold the health care system together every day? The worsening impact of shortages and workload? The urgent need for more resources in community social services?

Members can decide. The winning videos, judged by fellow members and the public, will receive cash prizes: $5000 for first prize, $3000 for second and $2000 for third.

The deadline is January 31, 2017. 

Click here for rules and the on-line submission form.


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