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Unions Matter to the Environment

The preservation of our environment is crucial . With society’s modern lifestyle we are taking more from the earth than ever before, making it difficult to restore the damage done. Every action we can take to help encourage sustainability is vastly important, thus the significance of unions and their environmental committees. 

Unions are beneficial not only to workplaces and workers but also for the environment. Unions have environmental committees that work together to encourage a greener workplaces and communities by not only educating workers and companies but also through community outreach. They support education and mobilization to promote action. The committees work at local and national levels to earn support for their actions. These actions include workplace recycling and energy conservation plans, as well as the education of all workers and their families. 

These environmental committees strive to send the message that there are no jobs on a dead planet. They advocate for a better future for generations to come  through their programs and also work to protect their workers not only inside the workplace but out in the environment as well. The workers of these committees strongly promote sustainability and the benefits which can come from it. They teach that sustainability does not necessarily mean cutting out parts of our everyday lives and society, but simply adjusting the way things are done in order to do it in a more lasting and less harmful way. 

Unions play an important role in promoting a cleaner and safer earth by having environmental committees which work to educate workers, families, communities and governments that we must invest now in order to protect the planet’s future.

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