Child Care

02 Apr 2014

"Like universal health care in the rest of the country, universal child care and early childhood education has become almost universally popular in Quebec and it's easy to see why." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

20 Nov 2013

"When governments don't invest in national programs that support families, children are the ones that suffer most." - James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

22 Oct 2013

Experts agree that a universal high-quality early learning and child care program reduces poverty, boosts the birth rate, provides economic benefits and most of all benefits our children.

02 Aug 2013

"We have exciting work ahead, full of new conversations about how to make our country, our communities, our workplaces and our lives better. And we want you to continue to be part of it!" - James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

19 Jul 2013

"Hard pressed parents, who must return to work to provide for their families are left with just non-regulated spots. YOYO childcare systems do not leave them “with a choice” but rather with “no other choice”.

17 Jun 2013

The future of child care in Ontario will depend on a movement of parents sharing their experiences.

29 Apr 2013

Workers come together to organize against Harper's harmful EI changes.

12 Mar 2013

Alternative Federal Budget plan tackles Canadians' real concerns.

11 Feb 2013

Join the BCGEU/NUPGE where families can petition the government and the official opposition to commit to implementing $10 a day childcare.

23 Oct 2012

October 24 marks the 12th anniversary of the Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educators Appreciation Day in Ontario.


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