Equality and Human Rights

29 Jan 2009

With the Harper Conservatives moving in the opposite direction, the contrast between Canada and the new administration in Washington is startling.

05 Dec 2008

Canadian arctic indigenous peoples and environmental groups launch a united call for action on climate change at United Nations negotiations.

25 Jun 2008

As Brazilian sugar cane feeds the biofuel industry, it takes its toll on its labourers.

01 Oct 2007

As in Ontario, Manitoba's social assistance rates are not keeping up with the cost of living. In Manitoba 60,000 people use employment and income assistance (EIA) as their major source of income. This assistance program as well as the shelter assistance has not kept pace with inflation.

27 Sep 2007

A broad coalition of community organizations and poverty groups have formed to address the ever-worsening poverty in Ontario.

21 Mar 2007

'We are strongest when we are united. Racism divides us from within and makes us weaker.' - James Clancy

21 Feb 2006

It has proven its worth to the Vancouver community.


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