Equality and Human Rights

03 Feb 2015

"This anti-poverty report comes at the perfect time — right before a federal election — to hold the government to account for its inaction on the biggest challenge our country is facing." says James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

13 Jan 2015

New report reminds Canada of its legal obligation to address the ongoing violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. 

19 Dec 2014

Tentative agreement closes gap between Native Courtworkers and comparable jobs in Aboriginal services sector.

18 Dec 2014

In many countries, skilled health and social care workers feel they must leave their families behind and work abroad to earn a decent income. They often face exploitation and discrimination. And their departure weakens health and social services in their home community.

17 Dec 2014

National Union wishes remaining members of Cuban 5, some after more than 15 years of unjust detention, a happy reunion with their families.

04 Dec 2014

"I believe that your demand for fairness – equal pay for equal work – has been heard loud and clear.”—  BCGEU President Stephanie Smith. 

03 Dec 2014

On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities we want to raise awareness of all the challenges people with disabilities face, expose the discrimination and income inequality that exists, and work to make workplaces and communities fairer. 

25 Nov 2014

In Canada, there is no policy in place on intimate partner violence or sexual assault, and we do not have a national action plan to address violence against women. This must change.

20 Nov 2014

National Union urges all Canadians to join in struggle to end violence and discrimination against transgender people.


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