Harper's Democratic Deficit

01 Oct 2015

"We need to remember: both the Liberals and the Conservatives voted to take away Canadians' civil liberties with this law." — Paul Finch, BCGEU Treasurer

21 Jul 2015

"A government that does not respect the very Constitution of the country is a dangerously rogue government." — Larry Brown, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer

26 May 2015

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe released a report detailing Bill C-51's infringement of freedom of expression and privacy rights of citizens.

30 Mar 2015

The growing opposition of Canadians to Bill C-51, the "secret police" legislation, has forced the Conservative government to accept some amendments. Canadians must keep up the pressure.

22 Sep 2014

Without the right to dissent, democracy is made impossible.

26 Apr 2012

The myriad assaults on the nation being implemented by Harper are really just the latest chapter in what has been a revolution of lowered expectations: a deliberate and systematic culture war on ordinary Canadians' deeply held values about the role of government.

24 Apr 2012

Nobody really knows the cost of cutting oversight agencies but without the proper information we run the risk of making serious problems even worse and, in the long term, that will cost all of us.


By James ClancyNational PresidentNational Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)

22 Aug 2014

Impressive start to a weekend of bringing together diverse social movements.  The theme: Build Together—Win Together—The Future Is Ours!

24 Jul 2014

Conservative government seen as using tax audits as way to silence critics.

03 Jun 2014

With the appointment of a new federal privacy commissioner, and the conduct of committee hearings on lawful access, the Harper government shows disregard for Canadians privacy rights.


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