Labour Rights

16 May 2012

"It is completely unacceptable that the constitutional rights of Canadians were treated with such utter disregard. We can and must do better."  James Clancy

26 Apr 2012

The myriad assaults on the nation being implemented by Harper are really just the latest chapter in what has been a revolution of lowered expectations: a deliberate and systematic culture war on ordinary Canadians' deeply held values about the role of government.

18 Apr 2012

"This book makes the connection between labour rights and human rights. It brings together the perspectives of a group of prominent individuals who share the view that labour rights and independent unions are essential for democratic and just societies.”

04 Apr 2012

ILO asks the Ontario government “to lift any obstacle in law and practice” which continues to hinder part-time college workers from exercising their right to join a union and bargain collectively.

03 Apr 2012

The ILO “has been expressing concern for many years on the exclusion of wide categories of workers from statutory protection of freedom of association and on the restrictions on the right to strike in several provinces.”

03 Apr 2012

“This ILO report is very troubling… It damages the human rights reputation of Canada and many of our provinces."

29 Mar 2012

During the LRB hearings, UFCW Canada argued that Mexico and its consulate in Vancouver colluded with the operators of a B.C. agriculture operation to bust the union at Sidhu & Sons Nursery where the workers voted to unionize.

26 Mar 2012

“Bill C-33 is not simply bad labour policy as the Air Canada walkout has demonstrated. It is also an affront to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canada’s obligations under international law.”

16 Mar 2012

“Labour rights are human rights and are a fundamental cornerstone to achieving social and economic justice. Such cavalier disrespect for these fundamental rights is a primary reason why we have unprecedented growing income inequality in Canada.”

13 Mar 2012

Government’s move to prevent Air Canada employees from going on a legal strike, in part because it might interfere with March Break, most recent example of disregard for democracy, even our Constitution.


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