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08 Sep 2015

The National Union of Public and General Employees joins with its sisters and brothers in the labour movement in calling for greater assistance for the Syrian refugees.

22 Jul 2015

“It creates broad and dangerous new powers, without commensurate accountability, and this can result in serious mistakes.” — Sukanya Pillay, Executive Director and General Counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

21 Apr 2015

In this pre-election budget, the Conservative government is taking public money and giving it to people who need it the least.

11 Mar 2015

A National Day of Action to stop the "secret police" Bill, C-51, has been called for March 14. All Canadians are encouraged to get involved.

10 Nov 2014

“It’s time for the federal Conservatives to begin treating veterans and soldiers as strong, proud, and loving Canadians who have earned our constant support, gratitude, and respect.” — NUPGE National President James Clancy

26 Apr 2012

The myriad assaults on the nation being implemented by Harper are really just the latest chapter in what has been a revolution of lowered expectations: a deliberate and systematic culture war on ordinary Canadians' deeply held values about the role of government.

25 Apr 2012

Trade Justice Network publishes fact sheets debunking Harper government's myths about the benefits of EU-Canada free trade.

24 Apr 2012

Nobody really knows the cost of cutting oversight agencies but without the proper information we run the risk of making serious problems even worse and, in the long term, that will cost all of us.


By James ClancyNational PresidentNational Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)

29 Mar 2012

The federal budget will increase income inequality, decrease the quality of life for Canadians and slow economic recovery. 

14 Mar 2012

Organizations representing farmers, students, cultural, Indigenous groups and labour were left out of the trade committee's inquiry. Not one Quebec group was asked to present, which is unacceptable.


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