Pensions and Retirement Security

01 Apr 2011

Review of pension plans in the broader public sector misses the mark completely for the tens of thousands of workers who have no pension coverage at all.

28 Mar 2011

Small GIS increase to go only to those seniors with less than $2,000 income a year.

18 Mar 2011

QPP contributions will increase while workers who retire before age 65 will have their QPP benefits further reduced

17 Mar 2011

"As a mechanism for addressing the deficiencies in Canada’s retirement income system, PRPPs are greatly inferior to an expanded CPP."

15 Mar 2011

Level exceeds the previous high reached in the second quarter of 2008.

14 Mar 2011

Two thirds cite lack of funds as reason for not making RRSP contribution.

14 Mar 2011

Payments under OAS and GIS will rise 0.5 percent.

11 Mar 2011

Canadians believe they'll work longer than the traditional retirement age of 65, they're less confident about their retirement outlook, and they're concerned about their financial well-being.

02 Mar 2011

Canadians 35-54 years of age are the most likely to have withdrawn money from their RRSP

03 Feb 2011

Forty percent of working Canadians age 55 or older view their financial plans for retirement as less than adequate.


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