Robin Hood Tax

11 Aug 2016

It is estimated that the use of tax havens is costing federal and provincial governments at least $7.8 billion in lost tax revenue. Low and middle income Canadians are the ones paying for that missing $7.8 billion in tax revenue.

14 Oct 2015

V20 coalition launched in Lima proposes ways to raise funds for climate adaptation projects.

11 Mar 2015

New study finds that a European Financial Transactions Tax (commonly called a Robin Hood Tax) could generate between 18 and 45 billion euros a year in Germany alone. 

12 Dec 2012

Eleven EU countries received overwhelming support to pursue introduction of Financial Transactions Tax.  The countries involved account for 90 per cent of the Eurozone's Gross Domestic Product.

26 Apr 2012

Modern day Robin Hoods disrupt traffic in financial district chanting "Tax Wall Street and End AIDS". 

New York (27 April 2012) - A number of activists with AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) and Occupy Wall Street, dressed in Robin Hood costumes, were arrested in New York following a protest in the financial district.

29 Mar 2012

The federal budget will increase income inequality, decrease the quality of life for Canadians and slow economic recovery. 

17 Jan 2012

With Italy, France and Germany already in support, the UK is now the only centre-right Government amongst Europe's five biggest economies not to back the tax.

25 Oct 2011

"Such a taxation would be very useful to promote global and sustainable development according to principles of social justice and solidarity". 

21 Oct 2011

"Let's send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3 trillion easy money that's sloshing around the global casino each day - enough cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world." 

28 Sep 2011

“It is time for the financial sector to make a contribution back to society,” - European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.


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