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05 May 2016

"We support the call for postal banking in communities so people can receive the assistance they need in ways that will help them get out of financial difficulty, not put them further under." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President

03 Mar 2015

"They say they are helping people who can't get help anywhere else. We need to ensure that people with poor credit, debt and low incomes have real alternatives to get assistance, rather than being handed a shovel to keep digging." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

20 Nov 2014

Members of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now Canada (ACORN) in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia held actions to highlight the need for affordable access to the Internet.

29 Apr 2012

Contract termination fees capped at $50 by Nova Scotia NDP.

12 Apr 2012

Cellular customers still getting gauged by high costs and unexpected fees; Ontario says it will introduce new legislation.

10 Jan 2012

Share your stories about your cellular experience with

17 Feb 2011

Supporters across the country will be gathering signatures on the Stop The Meter CRTC petition. The signed petitions will be used to push decision makers to put a stop the new Internet usage fees.

02 Feb 2011

“This is the same old story of hard-working families getting gouged by greedy corporations,” says James Clancy, NUPGE national president.

01 Aug 2014

To avoid unwanted calls from businesses, you can register to be on the Do Not Call List. You can register or check the status of your registration on this website

19 Mar 2014

Canada has some of the highest costs for cellular use in the world, yet the big telcom companies continue to raise rates.


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