05 Nov 2013

“While we still don’t know all the details of the CETA, one thing is clear: the agreement will seriously impact the ability of Canadians to afford quality health care,” concludes Dr. Lexchin.

25 Oct 2013

"Now, unless Mr. Harper gets his former chief of staff to write a personal cheque to cover this cost, the extra money for the provinces is going to come from our pockets, from the tax money we have paid." - Larry Brown, NUPGE National Secretary-Treasurer.

17 Sep 2013

It's past time for us to reclaim our right to national pride and national self-determination, and send these trade deals to the nearest recycle depot so we can at least make good use of the paper they were printed on.

14 Jun 2013

 “We will be emerging from this convention with a strong action plan to counter these attacks and moving our agenda of justice, equality and fairness for all Canadians forward.” - James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

30 Apr 2013

Your action can help make a difference for garment workers everywhere.

29 Apr 2013

Workers come together to organize against Harper's harmful EI changes.

12 Mar 2013

Alternative Federal Budget plan tackles Canadians' real concerns.

20 Feb 2013

"We work on behalf of our members to promote and protect their rights in the workplace but our social justice work ensures that all boats rise together - union and non-union, here in Canada and around the world."

07 Feb 2013

“The agreement could take away the province’s ability to promote cutting edge value-added industries” says co-author John Jacobs.

05 Feb 2013

Groups issue a joint statement ahead of two-day meeting between European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht and Canadian International Trade Minister Ed Fast.


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