Women's Issues

24 Nov 2008

'A problem of pandemic proportions.' - UN

09 Oct 2008

(Oct 9, 2008) -- 'The Harper platform is a vapid document, full of slogans but lacking a substantive plan to tackle the current economic and social challenges.'

01 Oct 2008

This year’s theme is 'Women in the Lead'

14 May 2008

May 17 marks key anniversary of important step taken by the World Health Organization in 1991

06 May 2008

While pausing to recognize and say thank you to our own mothers, we can also help African mothers struggling with the ravages of AIDS

26 Feb 2008

Conservatives tax cut promises total $190 billion in two years

11 Feb 2008

Give more than flowers and chocolates this year - help African communities in need.

05 Feb 2008

Equal Pay Coalition uses anniversary to call for action to end widespread gender pay discrimination in Ontario

03 Dec 2007

'Violence is far less likely between equals. . .therefore, equality and respect of all people is a crucial concept. . .women have not yet achieved equality, and this must be redressed.' - Witness at the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women, 1993

20 Nov 2007

Ipsos Reid poll commissioned by Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace


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