Labour Rights are Human Rights

Unions Matter: A Reader, Volume Two

For many people and for many reasons: unions matter.

NUPGE publishes a quarterly journal dedicated to the myriad ways in which unions matter and it’s unlike anything else you've seen. Quips, quotes and even the occasional quatrain from people like Matt Damon, Ken Dryden, the Pope, J. K. Rowling, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Mercer, Martin Luther King Jr., Tommy Douglas and, of course, Homer Simpson.

Canadians urge federal government to take a meaningful international stand on the right to strike

“The Canadian government has made us proud many times for taking leading international stands for basic human decency and dignity, and we’re confident that it will do so again by strongly supporting the right to strike during next month’s ILO meeting," says NUPGE National President James Clancy.


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