MADD Canada says public safety could suffer under Ontario's plan to allow grocery stories to sell liquor

"The concern is not about the location of the sales, the concern is who is actually doing the selling," says MADD Canada CEO Andrew Murie said. "Provided these outlets are run by the LCBO and staffed by trained LCBO personnel, with their established commitment and attention to responsible alcohol sales and social responsibility practices, then we do not believe there would be significant risks."

CLC joins national beer can boycott against Crown Holdings: Union members urged to buy their beer in bottles, not cans

Crown's Toronto plant is one of its top producers but the company provoked a strike in 2013 by demanding that new hires would be paid 42 per cent less for doing the same work as current employees. When existing employees said no, Crown demanded all workers accept an across the board 33 per cent wage cut.


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