08 Apr 2014

Pam Owen, HSABC/NUPGE member, tells her family's story of trying to navigate the difficult waters of the mental health system.

03 Apr 2014

Solidarity message sent to Nova Scotia nurses and health professionals from Ottawa.

03 Apr 2014

“Why would any employer bargain in good faith with workers if it knows it can rely on a third party to designate an unrealistic number of workers as essential? This is a one-sided process and it completely undercuts the rights of workers to free collective bargaining.” — Ken Georgetti, CLC President.

01 Apr 2014

"The 340,000 members of the National Union support the actions of these striking nurses and their fight for patient safety at Capital Health." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

01 Apr 2014

Facilities unions to seek strike mandate from members.

31 Mar 2014

Kiefer Sutherland, grandson of Tommy Douglas, narrates video as part of the launch of national campaign for a new Health Accord.

28 Mar 2014

 "The quality of health care that Canadians receive should not depend on where you live or your ability to pay," said James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

28 Mar 2014

“If the nurses of NSGEU/NUPGE are legislated back to work, it will be the third piece of anti-worker legislation from this government since they took office in October." — Rick Clarke, NSFL President.

25 Mar 2014

BCGEU/NUPGE calling for an end to contract flipping in seniors’ care.

25 Mar 2014

“I want to be clear: the Union has offered to leave staff in the transplant and addictions units in the event of job action. The decision to shut down these services was made by Capital Health, not by nurses.” — Joan Jessome, NSGEU President.

24 Mar 2014

"Capital Health bureaucrats and this government are ignoring the front-line workers' cries for help and pushing nurses into a position where they are forced to either continue to work in an unsafe environment, or take action." — Joan Jessome, NSGEU President. 

21 Mar 2014

"If they are also prepared to bargain in good faith toward an agreement, then the appointment of a mediator would be of great assistance in helping the parties conclude a deal.” –Joan Jessome, NSGEU President.

18 Mar 2014

OPSEU/NUPGE members look to arbitration to resolve outstanding issues.

17 Mar 2014

“The Wynne government sold the public on the idea of urgent care centres to relieve pressure on the ERs, now they appear to be flip-flopping in Kingston and sending patients back to an overloaded KGH,” says Thomas.

14 Mar 2014

 “The employer’s first priority should be to ensure a safe workplace. They have a legal obligation to eliminate the risk of violence to workers. Violence is not acceptable at any workplace.” — Darryl Walker, BCGEU President.