13 May 2008

Freedom of information request on behalf of Ontario Health Coalition brings damning report to light

13 Dec 2007

Outrageous private profits and secrecy condemned by Ontario Health Coalition

19 Sep 2007

Why is John Tory so eager to push Ontario into more U.S.-style health care delivery? 

14 Aug 2007

(Aug 15, 2007) -- 'The CMA is undermining the most fundamental premises of our national Medicare system – health care is not a commodity that should be bought or sold. It is a common good and needs to be treated and respected in this manner.'

09 Aug 2007

Report by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) says long wait times for physiotherapy treatment or occupational therapy are affecting vulnerable patients.

09 Feb 2007

(Feb 9, 2007) -- 'There is an important message that Canada's provincial and territorial health ministers ought to hear when they meet this week in Toronto: More health professionals are needed to reduce hospital wait times.'

08 Jan 2007

Justice Archie Campbell says hospitals are as dangerous as mines or factories