05 May 2009

Murders, escapes, drug-dealing, overcrowding, underfunding and suicide behind unauthorized strike by thousands of correctional officers in France.

26 Apr 2009

'This clearly shows a lack of respect for the members who provide police services.' - Joan Jessome

06 Apr 2009

Province-wide SGEU campaign features firefighters, highways workers, social workers and corrections workers.

25 Mar 2009

NUPGE urges federal justice minister to use stimulus money to begin "massive investment" in new and upgraded correctional facilities across Canada.

15 Mar 2009

'We can train sheriffs much quicker than police officers and there are substantial cost savings for taxpayers in this model.' - Dean Purdy

13 Mar 2009

'We have been asking for these changes for decades.... We hope the government carries through.' - SGEU president Bob Bymoen.

12 Mar 2009

Province demanding long list of unacceptable concessions, including  the issue of sick leave which nearly led to a province-wide strike by Ontario correctional workers.

09 Mar 2009

Now is the time to fix long-standing problems within the system - Warren (Smokey) Thomas.

02 Mar 2009

'The bargaining team asked the members for support and that’s exactly what we got.' - team chair David Kerr.

12 Nov 2008

'Selling off prisons to big business is abhorrent.... assaults on officers increase, the welfare of inmates plummets and community security is compromised.'

27 Feb 2008

NUPGE president James Clancy says Canadian correctional workers coping with similar issues

12 Oct 2006

The proposed 'tough on crime' legislation would exacerbate an already critical situation in our provincial correctional facilities.