26 Apr 2013

"We must ensure every worker has the freedom to join a union to protect their interests. Only then will workplace tragedies be prevented," said Clancy. James Clancy, NUPGE President.

24 Apr 2013

“Public safety is at risk if wildfire detection services are turned over to an automated system that has not been proven to work effectively in any other Canadian jurisdiction." - Bob Bymoen, SGEU President.

23 Apr 2013

“Privatization does not work, no matter what you call it. The public pays more for lower quality services. Just think Ornge, gas plants, e-Health, Highway 407 – and now, chemo drugs.”

19 Apr 2013

“The main reason we’re here today is to tell the politicians we want everyone lifted out of poverty,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas.

19 Apr 2013

“Coming from a small-town, I can tell you first-hand how I’ve seen communities hit hard when jobs are lost,” says Gawronsky

02 Apr 2013

"It's like a one-two punch – no prior warning, no consultation, just one more senseless act by a government in the dying days of its mandate." - Darryl Walker, BCGEU President.

21 Mar 2013

“Government must be accountable for both the quality of services delivered to Saskatchewan families, and the cost of providing those services." – Bob Bymoen, SGEU President.

14 Mar 2013

“There is no reason that Saskatchewan labour law needs to be so radically different than the Canadian legislative norm in the treatment of supervisory employees,” says Clancy.

07 Mar 2013

Major outstanding issues remain on the table for members of the civil service in Nova Scotia.

04 Mar 2013

 “At their minimum, strong, equitable and accountable social programs are society’s strongest security against crime and exploitation of others,” states Dr. Carolyn Campbell, Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) President.

28 Feb 2013

"The ink is barely dry on the new Master Agreement, and just this past week the government tables legislation that, buried amongst some assorted housekeeping amendments, gives them the ability to remove FPH from direct government," Darryl Walker,BCGEU President.

25 Feb 2013

Research has shown that women shift workers exposed to light at night are at increased risk for breast cancer. 

21 Feb 2013

Public services will be cut and assets sold off, hurting families and communities across the province.

12 Feb 2013

Missed what happened in Sudbury on January 8 during the All Together Now! campaign's townhall meeting? Watch the online videos to find out.

17 Jan 2013

This leadership convention marks a potential sea change for Ontario, where priorities can be shifted to promoting quality public services, taking action on tax fairness and investing in communities with a real job strategy.