12 Jan 2011

Tim Hudak is misleading voters by pretending that an attack on public sector jobs and wages will deal with a financial mess that the financial sector has caused, says James Clancy, NUPGE's national president.

12 Jan 2011

Warren (Smokey) Thomas will present a brief on behalf of 125,000 OPSEU members across Ontario.

04 Jan 2011

'The four-year deal includes a general wage increase of 2.75% in each of the last two years and a no lay-off clause.'

09 Dec 2010

'While the ministry has been doing some work to improve workload conditions, there is still a long way to go.'

29 Nov 2010

Dozens of events will be held across the province on Friday (Dec. 3) to fight back against the McGuinty government's plan to scapegoat public sector workers.

22 Nov 2010

The impact on public employees will stretch far beyond the two-year freeze proposed by the province – all for the benefit of already-wealthy corporations.

22 Nov 2010

'Needless to say, this had been a difficult bargaining climate.'

10 Nov 2010

'A rights-based system makes sense, because it removes politics from the justice system.' - Darryl Walker.

01 Nov 2010

'Polling has told us the public values the public services they receive.' - Joan Jessome.

25 Aug 2010

Two-year deal ratified after 'a lot of hard work' by NSGEU negotiators who were constrained by a climate of 'ongoing program review' within the government.

26 Jul 2010

'No one should doubt our members’ resolve to make employment security our top priority in this round of bargaining."

10 Jun 2010

'These workers do an incredible job under unbelievably difficult circumstances each and every day, but they have reached a breaking point.' - Peter Olfert.

10 May 2010

Federal women inmates are primarily poor or homeless, undereducated and suffering from addictions or mental health problems.

18 Mar 2010

NUPGE calls for thorough review of legislation with the involvement of front-line workers in the sector rather than piecemeal approach to changing the law.

13 Jan 2010

'Our proposals will focus on winnable issues that resolve long standing inequities.' - BCGEU president Darryl Walker.