07 Apr 2008

Poverty afflicts 12.6% of all Ontario children including 44% of all children in low-income families

28 Mar 2008

High turnover rates and burnout of existing staff also major problems

05 Feb 2008

New Brunswick Child and Youth Advocate, Richard, makes recommendations for child protection services. Child Protection workers across Canada have already identified these issues from their own experiences. Now governments need to act!

01 Oct 2007

As in Ontario, Manitoba's social assistance rates are not keeping up with the cost of living. In Manitoba 60,000 people use employment and income assistance (EIA) as their major source of income. This assistance program as well as the shelter assistance has not kept pace with inflation.

27 Sep 2007

A broad coalition of community organizations and poverty groups have formed to address the ever-worsening poverty in Ontario.

27 May 2007

Labour has long complained that Ottawa is diverting billions in premiums collected from ordinary workers

09 May 2007

Events scheduled in London, Kingston and Thunder Bay

09 Mar 2007

After accusing Liberals of using Employment Insurance fund as a 'partisan piggy bank', Harper Conservatives are now doing the same thing.

13 Feb 2007

Everyone who wants to see these workers get a fair and just settlement should send a message to Mary Anne Chambers, Minister of Children and Youth Services.

15 Jan 2007

Ontario activists and supporters encouraged to find out about events taking place in their community

21 Feb 2006

It has proven its worth to the Vancouver community.