23 Jan 2011

MGEU requesting a return to the bargaining table as soon as possible.

12 Jan 2011

Tim Hudak is misleading voters by pretending that an attack on public sector jobs and wages will deal with a financial mess that the financial sector has caused, says James Clancy, NUPGE's national president.

12 Jan 2011

Warren (Smokey) Thomas will present a brief on behalf of 125,000 OPSEU members across Ontario.

04 Jan 2011

'The four-year deal includes a general wage increase of 2.75% in each of the last two years and a no lay-off clause.'

29 Nov 2010

Dozens of events will be held across the province on Friday (Dec. 3) to fight back against the McGuinty government's plan to scapegoat public sector workers.

24 Nov 2010

Incident involving impaired driver who fled accident scene illustrates dangers faced daily by public employees on Canada's highways.

10 Nov 2010

Unanimous vote by Metro Vancouver Environment and Energy Committee welcomed by BCGEU and COPE.

01 Nov 2010

'Polling has told us the public values the public services they receive.' - Joan Jessome.

25 Aug 2010

Two-year deal ratified after 'a lot of hard work' by NSGEU negotiators who were constrained by a climate of 'ongoing program review' within the government.

23 Aug 2010

Vital inspection work highlighted during truck safety blitz in southern Ontario.

03 Aug 2010

Brings back memories of Mike Harris cuts causing 'flying wheels' and 'dangerous rigs'.

09 Aug 2009

'These highway depots need to be reopened. This shouldn't be just about winning.' - Carol Furlong.

22 Jun 2009

'NAPE is calling on government to immediately re-open the depots they closed this spring.' - Carol Furlong.

10 May 2009

Workers face wide-range of health and safety concerns as well as attacks on job security, wages and benefits.

06 May 2009

Private British Columbia highway contractors rewarded by Liberal government of Premier Gordon Campbell despite repeatedly failing safety inspections.