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08 Jul 2010

(5 July 2010) - 'The big winners were the same financial institutions responsible for the economic crisis in the first place. Rather than seize the opportunity to act, the G-20 leaders failed to agree on any new regulations for the financial sector.' - James Clancy.

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20 May 2010

(19 May 2010) - President's Commentary: Harper has personally fired, threatened and bullied so many agency and commission heads who have disagreed with him that it’s difficult to keep track of them all, says NUPGE's James Clancy.

14 Feb 2010

(11 Feb. 2010) - The top priority for the upcoming federal budget must be to preserve and create good jobs. The budget should also invest in building a healthier, smarter, greener and more secure Canada, says NUPGE president James Clancy.

31 Jan 2010

(29 Jan. 2010) - While 2009 provided several significant victories for workers across Canada, governments continued their legislative attack on the rights of labour, says NUPGE president James Clancy.

17 Dec 2009

(16 Dec. 2009) - 'We need a National Pensions Summit that provides Canadians from all walks of life with an open forum to fairly explore and assess the viability of all options designed to improve retirement security for all Canadians.'  - James Clancy.

07 Dec 2009

(27 Nov. 2009) - NUPGE president James Clancy says Harper is changing Canada so radically that we could lose more than our good name – already badly damaged on the world stage. "We just might lose Canada altogether," he writes.

15 Oct 2009

(16 Oct. 2009) - The objectives of the legislation are threefold: to eliminate sectoral bargaining, to allow the establishment of employer-dominated company unions and to greatly reduce the power of unions in the construction industry.

03 Sep 2009

(31 Aug. 2009) - 'I ask you to reflect on the victims of this powerful recession and to speak out for the changes that our government must make if we are to build a better world for ourselves and our families.'

27 Jul 2009

(28 July 2009) - Why is Canada still refusing to ratify ILO Convention No. 98 – the right to form unions and bargain collectively? After 60 years, the federal government has run out of excuses. Even the Supreme Court of Canada has recognized this right. - James Clancy.

22 Jul 2009

(22 July 2009) - "My heart goes out to all those families whose lives have been disrupted by the fires. I can’t imagine what they have felt." - James Clancy.


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