December 2009 | National Union of Public and General Employees

December 2009

Alberta claws back $6M from agencies helping disabled

Agencies that provide services to those with disabilities, helping them live independently in the community, say the government is trying to climb out of its deficit on the backs of the province's most vulnerable people.

The Stelmach government wants to claw back more than $6 million from these agencies over the next three months. 

The agencies say it will be impossible to make the cuts without reducing services to vulnerable Albertans -- the same people Premier Ed Stelmach has vowed to protect from the impacts of the recession.

Canada cheating on their targets to reduce forest emissions

“It’s extremely disappointing that Canada and other developed countries, including the members of the European Union, New Zealand and Australia, are cheating on their targets and proposing to sweep increased emissions from logging under the rug so they don’t have to account for them,” says Chris Henschel, a CPAWS senior conservation manager and international expert on the UN negotiations on Land Use and Forestry.