December 2013 | National Union of Public and General Employees

December 2013

NAPE calls on Conservatives to deal with crisis facing military personnel and rescind decision to close Veterans offices

“In light of the tragic events this past week and the continued call by veterans, both young and old, for the need to maintain the support services offered in these offices, the Harper government must immediately rescind the decision to close these offices." - Carol Furlong, NAPE President.

NSGEU members at the Cape Breton Regional Police are looking for same treatment as other police officers in Nova Scotia

Sydney (09 Dec. 2013) – Cape Breton Regional Police Officers (CBRPS), members of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) are looking for the same treatment and consideration as their colleagues in other police forces who work in Nova Scotia and other jurisdictions across the country.

Police officers in Cape Breton want equal treatment as those working across the province

President's Commentary: Alberta's Bills 45 and 46: One of the worst attacks on labour rights in decades

“These proposed laws are a blatant violation of Canadians' fundamental rights to freedom of association and expression as contained in Canada's Charter.  Equally offensive is the undemocratic way the Redford government introduced the legislation and the dictatorial process by which it intends to pass the two anti-union laws.”