October 2014 | National Union of Public and General Employees

October 2014

Sobeys take over of public liquor sales in Saskatchewan voted Privatization Scam of the Year

"I'm sure Sobeys doesn't mind having low- and middle-income Saskatchewan residents paying more for both public services and liquor to help boost its profit margin. But clearly, what the public has said in awarding the Scammie, is that we do mind. And we're fighting back." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

President's Commentary: Critics of universal child care are flat wrong to suggest it limits parental freedom

Universal child care can be a money-maker for government, wind under the wings of student achievement, and a powerful force for equality between women and men. What’s to stop us? Only the ignorant—perhaps willful—misrepresentations of universal child care coming from the federal Tories and dogmatic newspaper columnists.

Media paying attention to poll showing public's distaste for privatization

"The reality is that the merits of privatizations are often oversold," says Financial Post columnist Barry Critchley. "Instead of a real sale, the public, at times, can be left on the hook for any losses, financial or otherwise. In short, those who buy such assets have to be made accountable and government is the only entity that can do that."

Alberta's Premier Prentice and Health Minister Mandel play politics while health care collapses

"If AHS and the government can't handle routine negotiations, how can Albertans have any faith in them being able to tackle the health-care crisis in this province as exemplified by the lack of long-term care beds and the resulting emergency room delays?"  — Elisabeth Ballermann, HSAA President.

The Union Matters

Because an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay

The union matters and it's here to stay!

Because I need clothing, a home and to eat

The union matters and I vote with my feet

Because my teeth need cleaning and filling

The union matters and to bargain, I'm willing

Because a woman's work has value and power

The union matters and equates by the hour

Because this single mom needs a job that's secure

The union matters and job stability they ensure

Because I want to retire, my service complete

World Day for Decent Work: Prosperity for all rather than wealth for a few

"Identifying the root causes that create instability in our jobs and in our economy — the lack of tax fairness, an absence of an industrial strategy, the attack on labour rights and privatization of public services — has been key to promoting a better way to achieve overall fairness for workers and the public," says James Clancy, NUPGE National President.