May 2015 | National Union of Public and General Employees

May 2015

Conservative government’s CPP proposal a smoke and mirrors scheme

“Minister’s Oliver’s CPP announcement has to be seen for what it really is, a feeble attempt by the Conservative government to blunt the repeated calls for CPP reform.  Canadians will not be fooled by such a sham.  — Larry Brown, NUPGE National Secretary-Treasurer

Commentary by Larry Brown, National Secretary-Treasurer, National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE).

Full steam ahead for Newfoundland and Labrador government's privatization agenda

"Now the privatization target is painted on long-term care: public private partnerships and offloading of public long-term care beds onto the private system. What’s next?” — Jerry Earle, NAPE President-elect

St. John's (27 May 2015) — Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees (NAPE/NUPGE) President (elect) Jerry Earle is expressing his concern and frustration about statements made last week by Minister of Health and Community Services Steve Kent  regarding further privatization of long-term care.

It's another war on drugs!

The Ontario Government declared it, and it affects everyone who works for, or is retired from, the Ontario Public Service (about 100,000 people).

The government wants to reduce access to drug benefits dramatically.

Current drug coverage is 90 per cent of the drug’s cost, less a $3 deductible per prescription.

The government wants to create a three-tiered system. Tier 1 drugs would be covered 90 per cent;,Tier 2 drugs, 50 per cent;, Tier 3 drugs 20 per cent. You pay the rest.

Home Care Roadmap has potential, but beware of some dangerous pitfalls: Ontario Health Coalition

"If the Minister follows his panel without questioning the pro-privatization slant of their recommendations, there is a very high danger of for-profit privatization of home care, including care coordination and care provision functions. This is absolutely not in the public interest.” — Natalie Mehra, Ontario Health Coalition executive director

Nova Scotians pressure government to prevent privatization of home care

Sign the petition to stop the privatization of home care services in Nova Scotia. 

Halifax (15 May 2015) — The fight to keep home care services in the public health care system may have just shifted. Pressure has been mounting on the Nova Scotia government after the Minister of Health announced that he would be introducing a competitive bidding model to the home care system across the province. 

Canadian corporations hoarding record amounts in offshore tax havens

In 2014, Canadian corporations sent nearly $200 billion offshore, costing us nearly $8 billion in tax revenue.

Ottawa (12 May 2015) — Figures released by Canadians for Tax Fairness (CTF) show that the amount of money Canadian corporations are keeping in tax havens has jumped to record levels. 

Canadian corporations had $199 billion in tax havens in 2014 — the most recent year for which statistics are available. That’s up from $187 billion a year earlier.

Unsafe workplace trial a "wake-up call" to all employers

Ontario's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is charged with operating an unsafe workplace for an incident in 2014 that left two nurses severely hurt.

Toronto (7 May 2015) — As Ontario's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) faces charges for operating an unsafe workplace, OPSEU/NUPGE President Warren (Smokey) Thomas says the world-renowned institution must redouble its efforts to guarantee a safe work environment for patients and staff alike.

Ontario kids suffering mental illness must wait more than a year for treatment

“When it comes right down to it, we’re talking here about sick kids,” says NUPGE National President James Clancy. “How can we not do whatever we can to help them?" 

Ottawa (6 May 2015) — It’s already been well established that our health care system is failing those suffering mental illness, but a new report from Ontario provides a terrible reminder of just how inadequate the system is.

Health care union VP volunteers in Nepal

"Our members do great work saving lives in Alberta every day. It’s only natural that we want to help save lives overseas when disaster strikes." — Mike Parker, HSAA Vice President.

Edmonton (04 May 2015) — The Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA/NUPGE) will donate $10,000 to help victims of the earthquake in Nepal, while a member of its board  is already in Nepal as part of a medical relief team providing aid in the country.