December 2015 | National Union of Public and General Employees

December 2015

President's Commentary: Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a gift to us all

"The two or three Mi’kmaq women who sat with Nora Bernard around her kitchen table in Truro, Nova Scotia, in 1987 strengthened us all. They believed in themselves. They believed they could find many more men and women of good will to stand with them and fight the good fight for dignity and justice for all Indigenous people. And they did. This strengthens us all." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President

Trio of dangerous incidents show Ontario's corrections system is in crisis

"This is a major issue not just for Ontario, but for communities across Canada. It's time for us to act," says Public Services Foundation of Canada board member

Ottawa (16 Dec 2015) - In the wake of a number of dangerous events in Ontario provincial correctional facilities over the past week, the Public Services Foundation of Canada (PSFC) is reiterating its calls for action.

Why Unions Matter

Sadly, we are living in an age of great economic uncertainty. While corporations continue to record massive profits, inequality in wealth and income, between the very rich and working families, has grown to levels not seen in generations. Without question, inequality has become one of most critical moral and political issues of our time. 

Do Unions Matter?

Do Unions matter? I’ve a better question. Do human right’s matter? What about the right to fair wages or work conditions where your safety is paramount? Should people be compensated if they are injured due to practices in the workplace? 

If your answer to any of these was yes, then your answer to the original question must also be a yes. Unions have long been the cornerstone to protecting and promoting human rights. Unions are a result of someone like you taking a stand to fight for their safety and equality.