June 2018 | National Union of Public and General Employees

June 2018

'Huge win' as Community Living Cambridge workers vote to join OPSEU

“Even though the work we do is incredibly important, it has been sadly neglected by the government. By mobilizing our members and building alliances with community groups, we forced the previous provincial government to commit to a base funding increase to our agencies." — Erin Smith-Rice, the Chair of OPSEU’s Developmental Services Sector.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

"So, today, we want to encourage our 390,000 members across the country to reflect on these abuses and recommit to fighting continuing acts of oppression. If we are on a path of reconciliation, we need to work with our allies to ensure our Indigenous brothers and sisters enjoy the equality we all strive for."— Larry Brown, NUPGE President

NUPGE opposes the CPTPP

“The Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership is an affront to democracy and a threat to economic equality. It will create a private court system for foreign investors, giving them the right to sue democratically elected governments. And it will rig the Canadian economy in favour of powerful corporations. It is an outright betrayal of workers. It will do nothing to stop climate change, and it will certainly exacerbate income and wealth inequality.” ­— Larry Brown, NUPGE President

Green Thumb

Green Thumb

By Alexandra Robinson


For a man so loved his garden that he gave it sun.

In the beginning he turned up the soil and planted only one.

A beautiful blushing rose for him to watch grow.

And when it bloomed it put on a show.


But it was sad and lonely, bending by itself in the wind.

So the gardener planted it a friend, and another, and another.

Soon the garden began filling up with roses standing tall in stunning poses

But the man was not done, in fact he’d only just begun.


Why Unions Matter for Protecting Public Services – (a rap)

Why Unions Matter for Protecting Public Services – (a rap)

By Brittany Clark, a permanent resident of British Columbia, Canada


Living in Canada means benefitting daily from public services—

It means turning on the tap and brushing your teeth sans nervousness.

It means sending your kids to school for a good education, and

Knowing you’ll have hard days at work but guaranteed paid vacation.


If you live here you know that your job cannot discriminate