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Traditional workplaces are becoming harder and harder to come by. More and more people are working serial contracts, are self employed or don't see an office building once a month let alone every day. This doesn't even take into account the thousands of women and men are on leave from work, retired or struggling to find a new job.

Not only are people feeling isolated or disconnected from the workplace but many are missing out on some of the benefits that others still enjoy. Group health plans, networking and professional advice are a few of the benefits missing from their lives.

The National Union of Public and General Employees designed the Associate Member Program to help people access many of these missing benefits. The Program allows you to become or remain part of a shared community of interest,  and receive many benefits you would otherwise enjoy in a traditional workplace.

Becoming a National Union Associate Member connects you with other people who are in similar situations, provides a wealth of information on a range of topical issues and allows you to take advantage of various benefits at reduced rates.

Arranging these benefits and services on your own would cost you hundreds of dollars a year plus time and energy to track them all down. With the Associate Member program, it's all under one roof and saves you money. 

The usual membership fee of $25 per year has been waived due to the tough economic times we're facing. 

Membership gives you access to all of these benefits:

  • Travel Insurance, including medical insurance
  • Home and Auto Insurance
  • Collective Purchasing

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