Component Bargaining

"The issue of poverty, and the gap between the wealthy and the rest of  us is a growing problem. While the federal government is content micromanaging people's cable bundles, there are many of us who look for true leadership on serious issues, like poverty and income inequality." - James Clancy, NUPGE National President. 

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Strike vote was taken over 2 days, August 20 and 21, 2012, after the employer served 72 hour lockout notice to the union.

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The dispute, dating back to 2009, revolves around whether or not “bumping”, or layoff by reverse seniority, is permitted under the Civil Service Act. 

Fredericton (10 Aug. 2012) - The New Brunswick Union of Public and Private Employees (NBU/NUPGE) is welcoming a decision by the New Brunswick Court of Appeal.

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NSGEU has served 48-hour notice to strike and is readying to commence strike action on Monday, Aug. 13 at 7am should there be no progress in negotiations over the weekend. 

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The union chose to conduct strike action at these work sites to back demands for a fair and reasonable agreement with the B.C. Government and to support BCGEU/NUPGE members’ wage proposal.

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“Getting closer to a collective agreement for our members means we can continue to provide the quality education our young people deserve,” said Jim Steele, chair of the negotiation committee.

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Majority of essential service levels now established, remainder by August 5.

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NSGEU/NUPGE is encouraging the public to keep the pressure on and to support these members as they fight for a fair collective agreement.

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Television and newspaper ads challenge SIAST management and the provincial government to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract.

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'The committee has been preparing a package that reflects the direction of the membership.'

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'It’s been a particularly long and difficult round of negotiations.'

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'We are very pleased to have reached this agreement and to have reached it so quickly.' - Joan Jessome.

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Employees will receive pay increases totalling 20% over a four-year period.

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'They are trying to circumvent the normal bargaining process by communicating directly with our members.'

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'Employment security demands are the best opportunity we have to protect jobs and vital public community services.'

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E-mail by Dr. Robert McCulloch criticized by SGEU and SIAST employees for meddling improperly with the collective bargaining process.

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Employees fighting for fair contract at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.

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'No substantive agreement on any issue ... the union will be filing for conciliation shortly.'

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Union representing health science professionals across British Columbia urges members to vote in favour.

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MGEU requesting a return to the bargaining table as soon as possible.

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