“Today, we are demanding the federal and provincial governments, make health care a greater priority by increasing its funding, by ensuring the money is used properly and by investing in the people who save lives every day. Combined, these things will help save the entire system.” — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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"After much hard work and consideration, we are proud to have this modern visual identity to represent our union. The new tagline — Unions for public good — sums up our mission: Unions coming together to make things better for all of us. That's what we, and our 425,000 members, do every day." — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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"We're thrilled with the success of this conference. The feedback we're hearing is that participants didn't want the sessions to end and want a longer conference next time. In our books, that's a great indication for future conferences." ― Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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“The Premier says we have entered the ‘action phase’ of reforming health care. That means overcoming staffing shortages and improving working conditions so we can care for Albertans.” — Mike Parker, HSAA President

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Members of Alberta’s major health care unions are joining together to demand that the government of Alberta develop a plan to deal with the crisis in health care.

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"During Danielle Smith’s victory speech, there was a specific threat to replace public health care providers with ‘others’ to do the job. Let’s be clear, ‘others’ means private corporations, and the last thing Alberta needs is more failed and costly experiments with their health care.” — Mike Parker, HSAA President

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"New equipment is always necessary, but it’s people who answer the emergency calls and respond, not phones and ambulances.”— Mike Parker, HSAA President

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“HSAA/NUPGE members are health care professionals who are there for Albertans in their most critical time. Never has that been made clearer than through COVID-19." — Leanne Alfaro, HSAA Vice President, and Chair of the bargaining committee

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“The tentative agreement includes pay increases and a bonus, more than 70 gains negotiated between the parties prior to mediation, and the removal of all rollbacks and concessions originally sought by AHS."— Leanne Alfaro, HSAA Vice-President

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“All HSAA/NUPGE members want is to be able to be there when people need them." — Michael Parker, HSAA President

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"How much public money is going to guaranteed profit for DynaLIFEDX? The province must release contract details so Albertans can see how much of their money is going to profits instead of patient care." — Mike Parker, HSAA President

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"It is long past time an Alberta government got to work on solving the EMS crisis in Alberta. Our advocacy to expose the state of EMS by reporting red alerts has made the need for action clear." — Mike Parker, HSAA President

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“HSAA/NUPGE has been asked to come to the table to come up with solutions. As the experts in the delivery of emergency medical services we are more than willing to get to work. However, to be clear, HSAA/NUPGE will not be recommending or supportive of any privatization efforts." — Mike Parker, HSAA President

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"HSAA/NUPGE members know who they work for… all Albertans. All we want is to be there when people need care. To do it our members need to be rested, they need to know they and their families are safe, and that they are supported.” — Mike Parker, HSAA President

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“Given the volume of cases being reported and the experience of previous waves this crisis is getting worse and to say there have been no impacts defies logic." — Mike Parker, HSAA President

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The updated joint agreement sets out new minimum PPE requirements including that all clinical and non-clinical health care workers who enter a room or space, or are within 2 metres of a patient with suspected, presumed, or confirmed COVID-19, will wear a fit-tested N95 respirator, gown, gloves, and eye protection.

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"A decade with no investment in EMS and the massive amount of people waiting for care due to delayed procedures and diagnosis means that what could have been preventative care is becoming a health emergency and overwhelming our incredibly stretched ambulance service." — Mike Parker, HSAA President and advanced care paramedic

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"Congratulations to all the winners of our 2021 scholarships. All entries were excellent and showcased the impressive abilities and wide interests of Canadian students. We wish the winners and entrants the best of luck as they pursue their education and eventual careers.” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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“Our paramedics are overstretched and exhausted. There are no more respiratory therapists. Everyone is either working or sick. There are no more rabbits to pull out of the hat. That’s why we need our Premier to swallow his pride and ask the rest of Canada for help.” – Mike Parker, HSAA President

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This funding "doesn’t solve the issue of not having enough members hired. Every shift is being run short. Without hiring more new paramedics, the current government continues to put the system, our members, and every Albertan needing urgent medical care, at risk.” — Mike Parker, HSAA President

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