"We need our Premier to tell the people of the province that they will not follow the lead of the Ford government and those that would seek to dismantle our public health care system in the name of profit." — Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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"After much hard work and consideration, we are proud to have this modern visual identity to represent our union. The new tagline — Unions for public good — sums up our mission: Unions coming together to make things better for all of us. That's what we, and our 425,000 members, do every day." — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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“Your updates and advice are vital to us in the actions we take. We value the work that you do and are grateful to you for taking the time to meet with us and share information.” — Jason MacLean, Secretary-Treasurer

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“During our trip, there was a real sense of hope for the future, all the while acknowledging that many challenges remain lingering from past governments. NUPGE is committed to continuing, and building on, our solidarity with allies in Colombia as they organize for labour rights, human rights, and social justice.” — Jason MacLean, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer

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In the immediate aftermath of the storm hitting Atlantic Canada, NUPGE issued a statement of solidarity and extended condolences to all who have suffered loss and damage. NUPGE called on the federal government to immediately step forward and commit to helping the people of the Atlantic provinces rebuild. Yesterday, the federal government announced an aid package.

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NUPGE is horrified by the damage by tropical storm Fiona and pledge solidarity and support. It is also thanking first responders and NUPGE members (NAPE, NBU, NSGEU, PEIUPSE) for stepping forward to assist. And it calls on the federal government to commit to helping the people of the Atlantic provinces rebuild.

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"We can't be more impressed with the campaign you led and the inspiration you gave to others across the country. Thank you for showing all of us what dedication and solidarity really look like." — Bert Blundon, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer

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“Issuing these ROEs is yet another heavy-handed attempt to keep these workers in line. I am constantly astounded by the lengths this so-called progressive and community-minded organization will go.” — Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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“We are ready, willing, and able to go back to the table whenever the employer comes to their senses and treats these workers with the respect they deserve for the incredible work they do. While these workers would want nothing more than to provide support, care, and mentorship to the people at The Lilly, they will not continue to allow this employer to stonewall.” — Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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“Our paramedic members have been telling us for months that they are absolutely on the brink of exhaustion and breaking down both mentally and physically” — Jerry Earle, President of NAPE

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“Throughout this pandemic, we have seen that when profits come before people, something has to give. The profit motive has no place in our health care system.” — Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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St. John's (19 May 2021) —  On May 6, Moya Greene, Chair of the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team (PERT) released her report The Big Reset.

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“This is not like the first time around — we have the experience necessary to make this work very quickly. — Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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“Our members have seen this type of rhetoric before, which has led to cuts, layoffs, closures and privatization. Rather than simply waiting to see what happens, our union is sending a strong message to those in power that they shouldn’t forget the critical role that public services and the hardworking and dedicated people who provide them play in our province every day, no matter what challenge is put in their way." Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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“At this stage, we’re scrambling to get answers for our members because, once again, front-line workers and the unions that represent them have not been included in the planning and transition process.” — Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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While we work towards policies that address the root causes of food insecurity and end inequality once and for all, NUPGE is happy to support the work CFSA does to support the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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“These workers are worried about themselves, they’re worried about each other, but most of all, they are worried about those in their care.” — Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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“Social workers across this province are struggling to deal with unbearable workloads, massive stress, and toxic workplace environments. The survey results quantify what we have been hearing from social workers. It is truly alarming.” ― Jerry Earle, NAPE President

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"The National Union of Public and General Employees would like to thank those members for providing exemplary service." ― Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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In the face of terrible devastation and extreme danger, NUPGE wildland firefighters volunteer to fight what is being called the worst season of bush fires in Australian history.

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