“Today, we are demanding the federal and provincial governments, make health care a greater priority by increasing its funding, by ensuring the money is used properly and by investing in the people who save lives every day. Combined, these things will help save the entire system.” — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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"After much hard work and consideration, we are proud to have this modern visual identity to represent our union. The new tagline — Unions for public good — sums up our mission: Unions coming together to make things better for all of us. That's what we, and our 425,000 members, do every day." — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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"We're thrilled with the success of this conference. The feedback we're hearing is that participants didn't want the sessions to end and want a longer conference next time. In our books, that's a great indication for future conferences." ― Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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Main sticking point in negotiations was wage parity.

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"If these workers are so necessary that management says these students cannot attend school safely without their support, then why can’t Education Minister Becky Druhan simply pay them the same wage they’re being paid elsewhere in Nova Scotia?” — Sandra Mullen, NSGEU President

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Halifax (24 Oct. 2022) — Over 600 members of Local 73 of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees' Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) went on strike today. These workers are employed by the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education (AVRCE) and have been fighting for wage equity at the negotiating table. 

Members of Local 73 include: early childhood educators, outreach workers, student support workers, office administration assistants, clerks, including receptionist/clerks, purchasing clerks, accounting clerks, payroll clerks, and transportation clerks, and IT support specialists.

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"It is time that the government and the employer show them how much they care about the work they do and the services they provide and come to the table with necessary improvements." — Sandra Mullen, NSGEU President

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“This contract has the potential to improve the ability to recruit and retain workers in this sector, which is vital to public education.” — Sandra Mullen, NSGEU President

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In the immediate aftermath of the storm hitting Atlantic Canada, NUPGE issued a statement of solidarity and extended condolences to all who have suffered loss and damage. NUPGE called on the federal government to immediately step forward and commit to helping the people of the Atlantic provinces rebuild. Yesterday, the federal government announced an aid package.

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NUPGE is horrified by the damage by tropical storm Fiona and pledge solidarity and support. It is also thanking first responders and NUPGE members (NAPE, NBU, NSGEU, PEIUPSE) for stepping forward to assist. And it calls on the federal government to commit to helping the people of the Atlantic provinces rebuild.

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“It would be irresponsible for our government to stand by and allow companies to enter our province and put our public blood supply at-risk. We are asking Premier Houston to do what the previous government refused to do and stand up for what is right: keep our blood supply safe and in public control." — Sandra Mullen, NSGEU President

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“Having so many vacancies in Support classifications left our members working long hours with few days off during the worst of the pandemic. Folks may be able to dig deep to manage staff shortages during an emergency, but the ‘emergency’ has been going on for more than two years and workers are beyond exhausted."—- Sandra Mullen, NSGEU President 

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"Collectively, we have been through a lot over the past few years — as a society and as a union. I am honoured to have the opportunity to guide the NSGEU/NUPGE through this next term and help advance the cause of all workers.” — Sandra Mullen, NSGEU President

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After the government spent 7 years fighting with unions representing workers impacted by this legislation, the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) is calling upon Premier Tim Houston to stop defending the past mistakes of the Liberal government.

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"This significant pay increase is a long-awaited acknowledgment of the value of the crucial work that you do, each and every day." — Jason MacLean, NSGEU President

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“Staff did the right thing by coming forward and alerting authorities about the potential misuse of public funds. They did the right thing, and their reward was a pink slip and a chance to compete for the job they already have, but at a lower rate of pay."

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“The government owes these 30 people an explanation and tell them why it was better to cut their funding and take away their jobs, rather than conduct a transparent audit to hold those people actually responsible to account.” — Jason MacLean, NSGEU President

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“The Premier has pledged to fix health care, and it is critical that we remember that long-term care and home care are a part of health care. They cannot be neglected any longer." — Jason MacLean, NSGEU President

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"We look forward to receiving your nominations, and hearing all about your awesome co-workers! Thank you for the work that you do on behalf of all Nova Scotians."

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"Congratulations to all the winners of our 2021 scholarships. All entries were excellent and showcased the impressive abilities and wide interests of Canadian students. We wish the winners and entrants the best of luck as they pursue their education and eventual careers.” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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