The 2016 Alternative Federal Budget — Time To Move On

The 2016 Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) projects a federal deficit of $29.2 billion for 2016-17 when Liberal platform measures are taken into account. It also delivers a blueprint showing how the government could take on a $37.9 billion deficit and still maintain Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio. 


Ottawa (14 Mar. 2016) — The Alternative Federal Budget 2016: Time To Move On, produced by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives,  proves that we can fight climate change and create jobs at the same time, that we can reduce poverty and grow the economy responsibly, and that there is more than enough fiscal room to ensure that everyone can have a better future.

There is a time for federal investment

We shouldn't let the idea of federal deficits, even relatively large ones, scare us off making much needed investments in Canada—well-structured spending more than makes up for any additional debt through a stronger economy.

This year's AFB delivers a plan that would lift 1.1 million Canadians out of poverty, reduce income inequality, boost economic growth, and, at its peak, result in 520,000 new jobs, bringing Canada’s unemployment rate to 6.0%.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The CCPA is one of Canada’s leading sources of progressive policy ideas. Their work is rooted in the values of social justice and environmental sustainability. As those policy think tanks not funded by corporations continue to be silenced, the importance of the Centre has never been greater. The National Union has been a long-time supporter of the CCPA.

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Alternative Federal Budget 


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