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4.7 million Canadian women are now main family breadwinners

Figure has increased from 1.4 million in 1967 - Statistics Canada


Ottawa (24 Aug. 2006) - The level of Canadian women earning more than their husbands rose to 29% in 2003 compared to 11% in 1967, Statistics Canada says.

The change means that 4.7 million women were the primary breadwinner at the time the latest StatsCan survey was conducted. The 1967 level was 1.4 million.

The agency also says that there is a trend toward lower pay among women who are primary earners, a finding that extends across all professions.

Women who were the main family breadwinners earned $41,200 in 2003, significantly below the level of $57,800 for men who were also primary breadwinners.

A significant salary gap between men and women breadwinners was also found in managerial positions. Women earned $68,000 on average compared to $83,000 for men.

Wives who are the family's largest earner tend to be more educated than other working wives, Statscan reports. In 2003, 30% had a university degree compared with 21% of secondary-earner wives and 25% of primary-earner husbands. NUPGE

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