Are you 35 or under? HSABC is looking for you!

If you're an young worker who is a member of the Health Sciences Association of B.C. you can apply to be part of HSABC/NUPGE's Young Workers' Advisory Group. Deadline is July 31.

Edmonton (09 July 2019) — Are you a young member (35 and under) of the Health Sciences Association of B.C. (HSABC/NUPGE) that is interested in increasing the number of young people involved in the union?
The HSABC/NUPGE Board of Directors is seeking members aged 35 and younger to get involved in a 5-member Young Workers’ Advisory Group.
The Advisory Group’s purpose is to

  • work to understand how HSABC/NUPGE is relevant to young workers and how to encourage their participation in the union
  • monitor and promote awareness of young worker issues within the union
  • encourage increased opportunities in the labour movement for young workers’ involvement and participation

 The Advisory Group was created following 2 workshops for young members and 2 years of discussion at the union’s annual convention about strategies for increased participation by younger workers in HSABC/NUPGE and the broader labour and solidarity movements.
Deadline for applications to serve on the Advisory Group is July 31, 2019. See the application form here.

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