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BCGEU works to relocate workers affected by budget

Articles 13 and 29 of collective agreement determine changes according to seniority.

Vancouver (15 Sept. 2009) - The British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) has opened meetings with the government to relocate employees whose jobs have been impacted by the latest provincial budget.

Meetings governed by articles 13 and 29 of the union's contract began last week and will continue until the process is complete.

"Under the collective agreement (article 13.1), during the first 90 days of the process, efforts will be made to place affected employees into alternate jobs," the union says. "BCGEU representatives are in the process of contacting each affected employee."

Ministries where notices have been issued include: attorney general (23 people affected), advanced education and labour market development (20 people), citizens' services (22 people), finance (7 people), forests and range (16 people), housing and social development (10 people) and public safety and solicitor general (3 people).

The majority of affected positions are in Victoria although there will be some regional impact, particularly in the ministry of forests.

"At this point all employees have been notified in writing that the position they hold has been affected. Concurrent notification to the junior employee in that classification has not been completed in all ministries," BCGEU says.

"We are also waiting for ministries and the Public Service Agency (PSA) to provide committees with seniority lists."


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