British Columbia: Native Courtworkers stands down job action

"I believe that your demand for fairness – equal pay for equal work – has been heard loud and clear.”—  BCGEU President Stephanie Smith. 

Vancouver (03 Dec. 2014) — Striking British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) Native Courtworkers stood down from their rotating job action that was scheduled for December 1.

The Native Courtworkers bargaining committee will be returning to the Labour Board next week where negotiations for a renewed collective agreement will continue. 

Demand for fairness heard

“I want to thank all the Native Courtworkers for their dedication, determination and patience during the job action. I know that this has been difficult for everyone, including the clients you help everyday,” said BCGEU President Stephanie Smith.
“But I believe that your demand for fairness — equal pay for equal work — has been heard loud and clear,” Smith added.

Public pressure and months of rotating job action helped put pressure on employer

Native Courtworkers' rotating job action started September 30. Native Courtworkers are demanding that the B.C. government provide equal pay for equal work.

Their campaign was recently given a high profile at the B.C. Federation of Labour convention and at the B.C. Legislature in Victoria. 

More information:

Native courtworkers serve strike notice, citing discriminatory wage policy


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