Community forum in PEI to look at issues confronting migrant workers

The PEI Coalition for a Fair EI is hosting a community forum to connect the stories of temporary foreign workers and Islanders working out west to failed economic and government policies.

Charlottetown (6 March 2015) — The citizens of Prince Edward Island (PEI) are familiar with what it’s like to have to leave the Island for work. They have been doing it for generations.

While many Islanders must seek work elsewhere to support their families an increasing number of international migrants are going to PEI to find work. On March 14, the PEI Coalition for a Fair EI is hosting a public forum to discuss and understand these two related issues.

Migrant workers have similar stories

Unable to make ends meet on the Island, more and more Islanders today are migrating West for work. All these remain Islanders, keeping their homes on PEI. Many of these workers send money home to support their families.

PEI has also seen a rise in international migrant workers working in the Island’s fields, fish plants, and many other industries. Facing many of the same pressures as the Islanders who go west, these workers come to PEI as temporary foreign workers, seeking higher wages to send money home to their families in their home countries. 

Economic forces and government policies behind migrant work

The forum will connect the stories of these two groups of workers. The forum will include presentations about the economic forces and government policies that are contributing to the rise of labour migration globally and on PEI. Presentations will be followed by group discussions and a chance for temporary foreign workers, Island workers, and other community members to share personal stories about the causes and impacts of leaving the Island for work. 

Poster for the event is available by clicking here!

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The PEI Coalition for Fair EI


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