Contest winners show Why Unions Matter against runaway capitalism | National Union of Public and General Employees

Contest winners show Why Unions Matter against runaway capitalism

In rhyming couplets and a clever schematic, the latest Why Unions Matter winners remind us that by standing together, we keep the worst of capitalism at bay.

Ottawa (08 July 2015) — Greed and power can get the worst of anyone. The two most recent winners of the $1,000 Why Unions Matter contest look at the ways in which unions help keep greed and power in check.

"It preys on those with the least to show"

Jessica Turgeon, a Niagara Falls liquor store worker and OPSEU Local 286 member, decided a poem with a nursery-rhyme feel was the best way to sing labour's praises.

Her Why Unions Matter gets right to the point: "Monsters exist you know / It preys on those with the least to show .... Its eyes are green and its wallet fat / Absorbing wealth like a blood sucking bat." Of course, every story needs a hero, and that's where people working together in a union come in. "An altruist, a hero, a union / Yes, that’s it! A blue-collar fusion."

'Voice, equality, security'

Meanwhile, New Brunswick university student Nicholas LeBlanc reminds us that not every hero has to be blue collar. In his schematic A Young Person Graphically Organizes Three Ways Unions Matter, he tells the tale of Robert Drummond, a 19th-century mine manager in Nova Scotia who couldn't stand by and watch as his workers had their wages cut. "He lost his job," LeBlanc writes, "but earned a career giving unions a voice."

LeBlanc further demonstrates why unions matter by highlighting the Canadian Union of Postal Workers' 1981 maternity leave strike, and his own fictional account of a father being suddenly fired. In those three examples, he reminds us that unions give "voice, equality, and security."

Contest still open: enter now

To anyone else with an interesting or artistic way to describe why unions matter, the contest is still on, and we’re continuing to award $1,000 prizes to best entries each month.

Send them along to Why Unions Matter contest.

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