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Electoral reform in Canada: The shape of things to come

Federal government survey provides inaccurate look at electoral reform options.

At its national Convention in June 2016, the members of the National Union of Public Employees (NUPGE) adopted the policy paper, Electoral Reform in Canada: The Shape of Things to Come.

The paper looks at the goals Canadians want their electoral system to meet. These include community representation and making sure that the number of seats a party wins in an election reflects its real level of support. This paper also looks at different electoral systems to see which ones come close to meeting all of those goals and which ones fail.

How to make your voice heard

It’s been suggested that the federal government is trying to back out of its promise to reform the electoral system, despite having promised to do so during the electon campaign.

That the government has now published a survey worded in such a way that seems designed to give people an inaccurate picture of the options, supports that argument.

To help people understand what the federal government means in its survey, Fair Vote Canada has a website to explain what the questions really mean and how people can make their views heard. The information can be found at http://mycanadiandemocracy.ca/.


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