Fairness Express talks to students in Walkerton about the value of quality public services

Quality public services are vital to the health of our communities.

 Ottawa (10 July 2014) — Few communities in Canada know more about how dangerous it can be to privatize public services than Walkerton, Ontario. Fourteen years ago last month, the provincial government stopped monitoring water quality in the town and soon after, people started getting sick. Thousands were afflicted and seven died.

So when the All Together Now! campaign's Fairness Express was touring Ontario, and Chris Peabody, a local high school teacher (and municipal councillor) invited the team to visit with his students there was no hesitatation.

Peabody's students have no memory of what happened during the Walkerton tragedy since most would have been around two years old at the time. Peabody wanted the Fairness Express team to talk about the importance of quality public services and the vital role they play in keeping us all healthy and safe enough to remain productive members of our communities. 

Fairness Express continues its journery across Canada 

The Fairness Express has finished its tour of Ontario and is now moving its way through Manitoba until August 11. The big green bus heads west to British Columbia for a tour from August 15 until September 21, and is in Alberta from August 19 until September 11. The Fairness Express winds up in Saskatchewan touring from September 15 until October 17.

Wherever you live, keep up with all the tour stops on the All Together Now! campaign website, on Facebook or on Twitter


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