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Government needs to hold public hearings on TPP

Why is the Trans-Pacific Partnership so dangerous? Watch these videos to find out!

Ottawa (20 Nov. 2015) — With a new government elected, Canadians are hopeful that the Liberals will take a harder look at the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and reconsider its support. 

Former government ignored concerns over TPP; Liberals have opportunity to reconsider

The TPP, and its process, have been widely criticized for being negotiated in secret, ignoring concerns of citizens, civil society, and even many businesses, giving up fundamental democratic control to large corporations and refusing to consult with Indigenous communities across Canada. 

Trade and investment agreements increase corporate power, erode state sovereignty, weaken democratic authority and are central to the neoliberal framework of privatization and deregulation. They do this by restricting government ability to regulate in the public interest, limiting progressive governance and public services, while at the same time protecting and privileging the interest of multinational corporations. This restriction affects many areas not directly related to trade like food production, access to medicines, health care, the internet, environment and labour regulations.

TPP gives multinational corporations ability to sue governments over regulations that hinder their profit making

Most trade deals include investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), a provision that gives multinational corporations the ability to sue governments over regulations they feel are affecting their investment, including “expected future profits.” The ISDS provision limits the ability of governments to expand public services by locking in privatization. It affords foreign corporations the right to sue for compensation when public services are expanded or when privatization is reversed.  

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has contributed to the development of two videos that help explain the trade deal and the threat it poses for Canadians.

"We support the call on the government to hold genuine open consultations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in each province and territory across Canada as well as hold separate and meaningful consultations with Indigenous communities. We need the government to commit to considering the facts and the research; we need a return to evidence-based and democratically informed decision making," said Larry Brown, NUPGE's National Secretary–Treasurer.

French video

Tell the government you want a say on the TPP

Take action now by sending a letter to the government demanding hearings on this trade deal. You can go to the Council of Canadians website to send your message. 

Share the video with your friends, family and co–workers and ask them to add their voices to call for consultations.


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