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HSAA request mediation with Carewest

In bargaining since 2011, HSAA/NUPGE members look to mediator for assistance.

Edmonton (28 June 2012) - The Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA/NUPGE) has requested the assistance of a mediator in contract talks with Carewest. Recent contract talks have not progressed sufficiently toward a settlement.

Since  the Employer's proposal is less than the union's provincial bargaining settlement, the negotiation committee feels strongly this is the best approach at this time.

Once appointed, the mediator will meet with the parties to assist in resolving outstanding issues and determine if there is a chance a settlement can be reached. The mediator also has the ability to issue non-binding recommendations to the parties about terms for a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached through mediation or if the mediator feels there can be no prospect of settlement, the mediator can choose not to issue non-binding recommendations. In such scenarios, the contract dispute would proceed to interest arbitration.

Members employed by Carewest have been in bargaining since October 2011.


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