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HSABC members ready to make a difference

Activists train to be part of the next provincial election. 

Vancouver (29 Sept. 2016) — Members of the Health Sciences Association of B.C. (HSABC/NUPGE) are looking ahead to the May 2017 provincial election, and to getting the training they need to make a real difference.

Important to elect people to fight for what we believe in

Stasia Hasumi is already jumping in with both feet.

"I've been a community activist for a while, but after serving on HSABC's Political Action Committee last year, I saw how important it is to help elect candidates who will fight for the things we believe in," says Hasumi. "I got involved in last fall's federal election, and am already working on next year's provincial election."

HSABC's Political Action Fund helps members get involved in the political process

With support from HSABC's Political Action Fund, Hasumi attended the B.C. NDP's Forward 2016 Conference in Kamloops in June to learn all about the latest in election campaigning and organizing.

"I networked with some fabulous MLAs and other union workers, and learned about some really great tools for online organizing," says Hasumi. "While at the event, I took the opportunity to invite myself to dinner beside NDP Leader John Horgan, and asked him about his plans for housing in this province. I was inspired by his thoughtful response and support for social housing initiatives — something that I currently see lacking in my role as a housing outreach worker at the Comox Valley Transition Society."

Preparing for the next provincial election in 2017

Hasumi wasted no time in translating her new skills into action. "After attending Forward, I was invited to join my local constituency association executive as the young New Democrat representative. And I've been helping to plan and support the NDP's days of action in the months leading up to the election. We'll be talking to the people in our area to find out about the issues that matter to them."

"I'm very grateful to HSABC/NUPGE for the Political Action Fund support. It's helped me get started, and I encourage any member who wants to get involved in electoral politics to look into the support HSABC/NUPGE can provide."


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