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HSABC negotiates labour adjustment agreement

Consolidation of diagnostic imaging services throughout Lower Mainland of B.C.

Vancouver (1 Oct. 2010) - The Health Sciences Association of B.C. (HSABC/NUPGE) has completed negotiations with Lower Mainland health authorities for a transition to a region-wide consolidation of diagnostic imaging services.

The agreement allows for the significant restructuring of services without displacements and layoffs of diagnostic imaging staff.

Highlights of the Section 54 agreement include:

  • Provisions for seamless employment transfer.
  • Expanded opportunities in job postings and bumping rights.
  • Increased opportunities for clinical specialization.
  • Options for job share arrangements, voluntary transfers, early retirement options and phased-in retirement initiatives.

HSABC has been assured that the consolidation plan will not result in reduction of services when waiting lists for diagnostic tests are already a severe bottleneck in the health care system.

The health authorities – Fraser Health, Providence, Provincial Health and Vancouver Coastal – will hold meetings next week to deliver detailed information about the restructuring. HSABC representatives will attend the meetings and be available to answer members’ questions and concerns.


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