Join the Twitter rally for public health care

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) encourages its members and supporters to show their support for public health care. 

Ottawa (09 Sept. 2015) — The Canadian Health Coalition (CHC) is hosting a Twitter rally to raise the profile of public health care during this federal election. 

The CHC is encouraging supporters to tell Canadians why they are voting for public health care on October 19. 

Show your support for public health care

Print off this template and finish the statement, "I vote for public health care because...."

Take a selfie with the sign and post it to Twitter using the hashtag #Stand4Medicare. 

If people do not use Twitter, they can send the selfie to the CHC and it will be tweeted out from @healthcoalition. 

People can post selfies on Facebook and Instagram to encourage friends and family to do the same. 

Health care still a major priority for Canadians

Health care remains one of the most important priorities for Canadians, yet the issue has not had the attention of the major parties so far during this important election. 

In a recent poll by the Canadian Medical Association, 89 per cent said that addressing the needs of Canada's aging population should be an "urgent priority" for the next prime minister.

Another poll by the Canadian Alliance for Long Term Care found that 93 per cent believe that the federal government has an obligation to ensure Canadians have equitable access to care, regardless of where they live.


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