June 1 is Injured Workers' Day in Ontario

Celebrate and call for justice for injured workers!

Toronto (28 May 2013) – Since 1983, injured workers and their allies have come together in Ontario on June 1 to celebrate their achievements, and to invigorate the struggle for justice for injured workers.

Injured Workers' Day celebrations

This year, we gather at Queen’s Park on June 1 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Injured Workers’ Day, as we unite in our efforts to bring about a just compensation system that truly protects the rights of injured workers.

Workers facing more barriers, less support

The past year has seen the implementation of some of the most draconian changes to the workers’ compensation system since it was first established in 1915. As part of the broad trend of austerity and cutbacks to social programs, injured workers are facing significant cuts and denials to their benefits, and a rigid and inaccessible appeals system that undermines administrative justice. Thus, instead of receiving financial security and support, injured workers are doomed to poverty.

A fair compensation system is key for all injured workers

But in spite of these injustices, injured workers remain firm in their commitment to ensuring fair treatment for all current and future injured workers. The struggle for a fair compensation system is a struggle that involves all workers in Ontario, and we will not allow the system to be dismantled before our eyes.

Join us on June 1 to celebrate the history and accomplishments of the injured workers’ movement and send a clear message that we demand justice for injured workers and for all workers.


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